How a Domain Name Can Receive Traffic Even Without a Website

Domain Name TrafficIf you’re just getting started in the world of domaining, you may be wondering how a domain name could receive traffic when there is no website developed on it. This article will help you understand the 3 instances when a domain can receive traffic without a website.

1. Generic Keyword .COMs

These are typically one or two dictionary word domains that receive type-in traffic via user browser. Although these days most people use search engines to find a website, some generic keyword .COMs still receive type-in traffic. Examples of a generic keyword domain would be:,,,, etc.. As you can see, these are popular keywords that people could easily type in to their browser and find a website. This type of traffic is sometimes referred to as Direct Navigation or Zero-Click.

2. Typo Domains

Typos of popular websites can receive a lot of traffic. Imagine how many people throughout the world type in typos of domains every day. A lot. The more common the typo is, the more traffic it can possibly receive. Here’s an example of a typo and how it can work in your favor: Say someone intends to visit, but instead types in into their browser. You notice the missing “g”? That typo has caused someone to go to a different domain than they intended, but for the typo domain owner, it is good news.

There are many words in the English language that people have a tough time spelling, even simple ones. And typos don’t always have to be dictionary words. They can be typos of brand names. Examples of brand typos can be: instead of, instead of, or instead of These are subtle typos which can result in high volumes of traffic for the typo domain owner.

3. Domains that Used to Have a Website

You may have wondered how a crappy domain name could be receiving traffic. To get the answer you may have to look into the history of that domain. Everyday thousands of domains drop, and some of them at one point may have had a website developed on it. Domains that have a long website history may have a consider amount of existing backlinks and type-in traffic. To look at the history of a domain/website, run a search on Internet Archive. You can also use SEO tools like Open Site Explorer and Majestic to see what kind of backlinks a domain has.

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