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What is a Domain Name Push? - DNSelect

What is a Domain Name Push?

Push ArrowA domain push occurs when you move a domain name out of one account into another within the same registrar. GoDaddy refers to a domain push as an “account change.” Domain pushes are usually free of charge. Once a domain push is requested, the account change usually happens instantly; there is no wait necessary for domain pushes.

There are a couple of situations when a domain name may be pushed:

  • If you sold a domain name to someone and they also use the same registrar as you, you could simply push the domain to the buyer’s account.
  • If you need to change the email address that is associated with the domain name, but you don’t have access to the account that was used to register the domain.

What information is needed for a domain push?

Each domain registrar has different requirements for a domain push. For example, GoDaddy requires the email address and the customer ID number/username of the receiving account holder. Namecheap requires an authorization code and the username of the receiving account holder. To learn how to push a domain through your registrar, look in their FAQ section or ask a customer rep.

If you need to move a domain to someone using a different registrar, then you would need to initiate a domain transfer.

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