Flippa Acquires Domain Holdings Group

Wow! Flippa has just acquired Domain Holdings Group, Inc. for an undisclosed amount. Domain Holdings is one of the top premium domain brokerages in the industry. Last year, they did about $31 million in sales. This acquisition makes Flippa a formidable opponent against

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Value of Letters in Short Domains – Chinese Market

The domain market in China has exploded. Short domains, mostly 2 to 5 numeric domains and 2 to 4 letter .COM domains have skyrocketed in a few short years due to the growing demand of investors and companies in China. Although short domains have

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Value of Numeric Domain Names

Here is a cool infographic on numeric domain names from Giuseppe Graziano of GGRG.com. GGRG is a domain brokerage that specializes in short letter and number domains. Their expertise in the short domain niche has led them to create this infographic which

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.IO Domains are Still Popular

.IO is a ccTLD which stands for Indian Ocean (British Territory). This domain extension was released back in 1997, but it wasn’t until recently that it started to get some serious attention in the domain industry. These days, .IO domains are

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.CLUB Turns 1 – Celebrating with $1 Domain Registrations

.CLUB is now one year old. In celebration of this milestone, the registry is offering $1 domain registrations today, via 18 registrars. Here are the registrars: 35.com, BlackKnight.com, DomainTheNet.com, Dynadot, Gandi, GoDaddy, Hexonet.com, Moniker.com, DD24.com, Name.com, Nawang.cn, OnlineNic, OVH.com, Register.ca, Webnames.ca,

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.CLUB Domain Registrations for $6.99

Earlier this month, I told you the cheapest price I could find for a .CLUB domain registration was for $7.88 at Namecheap. Today I found a cheaper price for .CLUB registrations at Dynadot. They are charging only $6.99 for the

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.EU Registration for £1.99 at 123-Reg.co.uk – April to May 2015

UK’s top domain registrar, 123-Reg.co.uk, is offering a £1.99 promotion for .EU domain registrations starting now and ending May 11, 2015. Regular price is £10.99 so you can save a ton of money with this deal. This offer is for unlimited .EU

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Freelancer.com Acquires Escrow.com for $7.5 Million

When I read this headline this morning, I was expecting to see a huge price tag (at least 9 figures). Wow, was I wrong! According to Freelancer.com, they acquired Escrow.com for a measly $7.5 million in cash. Here is the full

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Cheap .CLUB Domain Registrations at Namecheap

Currently, .CLUB domain registrations at most registrars seem to be ranging in the area of $10 to $15. It’s not bad, but I’m always on the lookout for the cheapest registration prices I can find. I’m sure you are too. The

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Timeline of Domain Extension Launch Dates, an Infographic

Here’s an awesome illustration of domain extensions and the timeline of their launch years… from .COM to many of the new TLDs. Wow, .COM is 30 years old already!

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