.COM is a Part of the Brand Name

Lately there have been a bunch of articles out there advising people to abandon .COM and start using a New gTLD. Articles like this and this. Usually the reason is that there are no more “good” .COMs left to register and because the new

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.CLUB Hits a Renewal Rate of 75%

According to Colin Campbell, the CEO of .CLUB, they hit a first day renewal rate of 74.98%. General availability for .CLUB was May 7th, 2015. About 26,000 .CLUB domains were registered on the first day. I think this is great

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Sunrise, Landrush and General Availability Periods for New Domain Extensions

The Sunrise and Landrush periods come before the time when a domain extension is open to the general public for registration, although Landrush is not mandatory. Sunrise Period This is the initial period in which trademark owners get first dibs on domains that are

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Donald Trump Owns Thousands of Domain Names

Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner for Presidential candidate, is making headlines in the domain industry today. Business Insider revealed that his company, Trump Organization, owns tens of thousands of domain names. Initially when hearing that Trump owns thousands of domains, you

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Google Restructures and Forms New Company Called Alphabet: ABC.XYZ

I was pretty surprised to see a news story like this… Google has decided to restructure its company and as a result have created a parent company called Alphabet. According to Larry Page of Google, Alphabet is: …mostly a collection

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.WEBSITE Domain Registrations for Only £0.99 ($1.53)

HeartInternet.uk and 123-Reg.co.uk are currently running a promotion for .WEBSITE domain registrations. £0.99 per domain. Regular price is £19.99. This deal expires on Sept 1st, 2015. A coupon code is not necessary. Just register as many domains as you want and the special pricing will automatically

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Neustar Acquires Bombora Technologies

In July 2015 Neustar, Inc. announced the acquisition of Bombora Technologies Pty Ltd (Bombora). Neustar is an industry-leader real-time provider of cloud-based information services. They are dedicated to creating and operating complex data registries, as well as data-driven insights to

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Bye Bye GoDaddy Coupon Codes

Here’s bad news for those of us who regularly used GoDaddy coupon codes to save on domain registrations. Unfortunately, GoDaddy has changed the way they accept coupon codes. Gone are the days when you could use multiple coupons for $0.99

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What Makes a Brandable Domain Name?

I think a lot of people have the misconception that a brandable domain must be a business name that is completely made up… something that is catchy and pronounceable. A brandable domain, in their opinion, can’t be made up of

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Is .COM the King of the Domain?

That answer depends on who you ask. Let’s be honest – anyone that has some skin in the domaining game will be biased to a certain extent. On one side, you have the old school domain investors who live and breathe

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