The Problem of Shill Bidding in the Domain Industry

You may have heard the story of Adam Dicker (veteran domainer) when he was accused of shill bidding during his employment with GoDaddy. And then, there was the class action lawsuit against where a former employee was claimed to

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What is an IDN (Internationalized Domain Name)?

While country codes in domain name extensions have become commonplace, domain names themselves have historically been written in the Latin alphabet whether .ca or .cn was tacked on as a domain extension. The introduction of internationalized domain names or IDNs

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Freelancer Technology, the company that acquired not too long ago, has recently launched a new venture called FreeMarket is a marketplace platform for buying and selling domain names and websites. According to FreeMarket, the Warriors (members) spoke and

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List of All Domain Extensions Available at GoDaddy

Here is a list of all the domain extensions (TLDs) that are available for registration at GoDaddy (excluding IDNs). I will try to keep this list updated as often as I can. Please let me know if you find any errors or

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GoDaddy Email Scam: “Update Your Account Information”

Here is the latest GoDaddy email phishing scam I received. Just a friendly warning… I’m pretty good about spotting an email phishing scam a mile away, but this one almost got me to click on the link. It looked like

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Google Domains Review

In June, I wrote about how Google launched Google Domains in beta mode. Shortly after, I was invited by Google to test drive Google Domains. They gave me a promo code for one free domain, so I was game. Yesterday,

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Interview #3: Joe Mahoney of

Here is the 3rd interview of our Domain Sales Stories series. Q: What is your name and what do you do for business online? How long have you been domaining? Website? A: My name is Joe Mahoney and I am

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Interview #2: Eric Borgos of Impulse Communications

For the 2nd story, I interview Eric Borgos of Impulse Communications Inc. Eric is well-known in the domain industry, and his company also owns a large portfolio of websites. Q: Who are you and what is your business? How long have

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Interview #1: Ricky J of SEOFuture

This is the first interview of a new section on my blog titled: Domain Sales Stories These interviews will include stories from well-known domain investors, as well as domain resellers who flip domains for a living. So, you’ll see domain sales

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Google Introduces Domain Registration Service

Google is shaking up the domain industry with their latest announcement. It was only a matter of time before Google got into the domain business. They’re into everything else! A couple of days ago, Google quietly announced that it would

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