Scam: Search Engine Registration for Domain is Pending

If you are new to registering domains, you may have received one of these emails in your inbox. Beware – it is a scam trying to take advantage of newbies who don’t know better. It looks like this: Hi there

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.COM Domain Registrations for Only $0.99

There is really no excuse not to register a .COM domain these days. With prices going as low as $0.99, it doesn’t get much cheaper. For years, GoDaddy¬†has been offering discount promo codes ranging from $0.99 to $7. There are

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.ORG Domain Registrations for Only $1

No, it’s not a typo. CanvasHost is offering .ORG registrations for only $1. I don’t know of any other .ORG offers this cheap. This promotion ends on December 31st, 2014. $1 is all you pay per domain, including taxes and

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.CLUB Domain Registrations for Only $5

If you plan on registering a .CLUB domain, go to They have the lowest price for this new gTLD that I have seen. They are charging $5 per .CLUB registration. GoDaddy is currently charging $14.99 just to give you

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Cheapest Domain Registration Available on the Market

Of course, free is the cheapest domain registration you can get. But, I’m not talking about a free domain that comes with some web hosting offer, or some unknown ccTLD or a free giveaway like .BERLIN. I’m talking about a

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.COM Going Strong as Ever But New gTLDs Could Be Hurting Other Extensions

According to the June TLD Market Share report, .COM registrations grew while the rest of the older domain extensions fell not only in market share, but also saw losses in registrations. Here is the gTLD market share report from June:

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Keep Your Whois Data (Email) Updated

I normally don’t get too deep into ICANN rules and regulations, but this new update is something that may affect many of us that own domain names. ICANN recently adopted a new rule that says registars are required to deactivate

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Having Some Real Doubts about

Last month, I wrote a post on how was an up-and-coming threat to Flippa and how it could potentially take a big market share. I may have spoken way too soon. To say the least, there are some very questionable

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Today, put out a press release announcing their acquisition of a small competitor called This deal merges the biggest online escrow company in the world with one of the youngest domain escrow companies to hit the market.

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The Problem of Shill Bidding in the Domain Industry

You may have heard the story of Adam Dicker (veteran domainer) when he was accused of shill bidding during his employment with GoDaddy. And then, there was the class action lawsuit against where a former employee was claimed to

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