Is .COM the King of the Domain?

That answer depends on who you ask. Let’s be honest – anyone that has some skin in the domaining game will be biased to a certain extent. On one side, you have the old school domain investors who live and breathe

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Automattic Inc Retains Ownership of Despite UDRP Filing

On July 8 2015, Chris Pearson lost the legal battle against Automattic Inc for the ownership to the domain name: For those of you that don’t know who Chris Pearson is, he is the founder of DIYThemes – most

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Contest: Register the Best Available .COM or .XYZ You Can Come Up With

Here is a contest sponsored by .XYZ registry. The contest is simple. Register the best available .COM or .XYZ domain that you can come up with. This contest runs from July 13, 2015 to Sept 3, 2015.  There are two rounds, with $1,000 going a

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.ORG Price Increase Coming August 1st 2015

FYI… Public Interest Registry ( is raising the prices on .ORG domains by 10% come August 1st 2015. This new pricing will hit all registrars, and will affect new registrations, transfers, and renewals. If you have a bunch of .ORG

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Three Types of Domain Name Buyers

As a domain name seller, you should understand the three types of domain buyers and where best to sell your domains. Looking in the wrong places will result in wasted time and money. 1. Domain Resellers or Flippers. These are domainers

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New Liquid Domains Sales Category at NamePros Forum

I haven’t logged into NamePros forum for a couple of days, but today I noticed that they added a new domain sales category called “Liquid Domains.” This update came as a result of suggestions from numerous members requesting that a

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Domain Forum Auction Etiquettes

I’ve been a member of DigitalPoint and NamePros forums for around 10 years. During that time, I’ve been involved in and also witnessed many domain name and website auctions there. And in these auctions, people sometimes do certain things that irritate me.

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Whois Privacy May Be at Risk if this New ICANN Rule Passes

There are new ICANN guidelines being proposed by MarkMonitor and others which may take away your rights to Whois Privacy services. For those of you who do not know what Whois Privacy is, it is a service offered by most registrars which

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Domain Name Fails

Let’s face it – most of us hate hyphens in domain names. Not only does it look ugly, but it also lowers the value of a domain name pretty significantly. But what happens when we squeeze certain words together without

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Should I Use a Domain Broker to Sell My Domain Names?

This is a question that I see a lot from beginning domainers. I also asked this question myself when I got started in domaining after I purchased over a $1,000 worth of hand registered domains. It’s an expensive lesson that

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